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Studio Donshades is a boutique film, video and image making studio practice.

We are a team of multi-skilled film makers,
who have a lot of experience turning good ideas
into great films.


Open and collaborative while daring and uncompromising in how we practice our skills.


Telling great stories. Simple. Studio Donshades' works flexibly with proven directing talent as well as rising stars. We bring in trusted producers and production muscle as a project demands. Writers, camera operators, cinematographers, colourists, sound designers, runners, grips and gaffers - We can swiftly assemble in whichever form your project demands to help you through the film making process from end-to-end or just working on a small part alongside another team. We have a lot of experience between us and we're happy to share it.


“Help, I need a video editor to start this afternoon!” Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. With over 15 years of solid editing experience behind him working across advertising, documentary, music videos and branded content; our founder offers you multi-award winning creative excellence in the cutting room. As a studio we pride ourselves on our technical know-how and our proven track record of finding elegant solutions to technical and creative problems along the way to telling engaging stories that pack a punch.


Open and collaborative : Making is in our blood. We are a core team of multi-disciplinary Film Makers so when you work with us, you won't come up against the traditional and restrictive boundaries that defined the way films got made back in the day. We are flexible and can also act as a bolt-on filmmaking practice to your own agency or design studio. We can also handle a project from idea development all the way through to final delivery. We are creatively sensitive to help you through the filmmaking process with good vibes at every step. We have bags of experience, a black-book of trusted contacts and there is always a fresh pot of coffee to hand.